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beautifully animated soundscapes on your phone
that help you sleep, focus and relax.

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The right sounds for your goals

Focus, relax, calm your baby...

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Curated soundscape previews to soothe baby, calm pet, and more

Curated mixes

Soundscapes For You

Explore our specially curated playlists, each combined with engaging visual scenes for various purposes, providing a blend of audio and visual experiences.

Whether it's for a peaceful night's sleep, dealing with noisy surroundings, calming a restless baby, or easing anxiety, we have the perfect soundscape for you. Just choose, play, and enjoy the experience.

Our soundscapes also cater to those who prefer a gentle background noise for focus or relaxation, need help calming pets, or seek relief from tinnitus. Find a scene that fits your unique need.

Explore Curated Mixes
Curated soundscape previews for sleep relax and focus

Soothing sounds

Nature, Water, Fan, White Noise...

Find better sleep with sounds like rain, waterfalls, and wind, or the calming chirps of birds and crickets. Even the croaking of frogs can be relaxing.

Prefer water sounds? We have ocean waves, flowing rivers, and babbling creeks, all great for sleeping, relaxing, or focusing.

Our app also includes mechanical sounds like airplane cabins, fans, and more. These are perfect for blocking out noise and helping you or your baby sleep, or for when you need to concentrate. This includes white noise, pink noise, green noise, and other variants.

Icons depicting available sounds within Nuits mobile app, including fans, white noise, creek, nature, and more.
Screenshot of the iphone app, showing the mixer, where you can pick the sounds you want

Create Your Ideal Sound Mix

Choose Sounds To Sleep, Focus or Relax

Whatever your needs, Nuits has the solution. Create your own sound mixes for better sleep, enhanced focus, soothing a baby, or just to relax. It's all about what works for you.

Our user-friendly app makes mixing easy. Select from our top-quality sound library and adjust the levels to craft your perfect audio environment for sleep, focus, or relaxation.

Explore over 95 sounds, neatly categorized and easy to find with a quick search. We're constantly adding new sounds to keep the library fresh and diverse.

Screenshot of the iphone app, showing the mixer, where you can pick the sounds you want

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